Baby Teething Comfort Tips

Posted by DR. BIPINJIT KAUR on Jan 4 2022, 09:57 AM

Baby Teething Comfort Tips
Baby teething is the most frustrating stage for children and adults as it is quite difficult to watch children have a tough time. The teething experience may vary from baby to baby. For some babies, it might be painful; while for others, it has few to no symptoms. 
Often, we read the child's annoying irritable nature as tantrums. But in reality, it's their way of reacting to the pain. Below are steps to comfort them during this painful stage:

Massage Your Baby’s Gum to Relieve the Pain

By gently massaging sores in a circular motion with clean hands on the baby's gums while teething can give them relief.

Use Cold Washcloths to Nibble 

You can freeze a clean damp washcloth in the fridge to cool. Once it is cool enough, fold it smaller and let your baby chew on the cloth. This might relieve the pain.

Give Your Baby Chilled Fruit to Nibble 

Once your baby starts to intake solid food, you can use chilled soft fruits or mashed fruit to soothe the sore gum.

Clean the Drool

Once the teething starts, there will be much drooling. Make sure to clean it often as drool buildup can cause drool rashes around the baby's lips. You can also make the child wear a bib to avoid irritation and itchiness from drool-soaked clothes.

Give Your Baby Cold Teething Toys to Chew 

You can let the child chew on pacifiers, teething rings, cold spoons, or teething toys. These are ideal as the toy's coolness can relieve irritation from the sore.

Milk Popsicle

While teething, the baby often refuses to eat as it is uncomfortable. So to make sure to keep the babies fed and hydrated, it's okay to give milk popsicles.

An Extra Cuddle Can Do the Trick

Giving them an extra cuddle and enough attention can comfort them when they are in pain. When they get extra attention, it's quite relaxing and makes them feel better.

Visiting a Pediatric Dentist Within Six Months of Teething

So if none of these work, the last resort is to visit a pediatric dentist who can give the best solution to relieve the baby from the pain and irritation.
So if your baby is yet to go in for their first dental appointment, trust the experts at Arch Dental. Call today to book your child's first consultation at (209) 802 0789 or email us at You can visit us at 1920 West Grant Line Road, Tracy, CA 95376.
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