Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies occur without warning. Most people panic when they have a dental emergency, which is natural. But the best thing to do in such situations is to remain calm and get the help of a dentist. The sooner you get your emergency treated, the better. In case of a dental emergency, you can text us.

Dental emergencies can be classified into two types, visible trauma and internal pain. Visible trauma is a physical injury to the teeth, gums, lips, or tongue that happens due to a fall, a hard blow to the mouth, a sports injury, etc. Internal pain is when any part of the mouth starts aching all of a sudden, which can be the cause of underlying cavities, dormant infections, failed restorations, etc. 

Common Dental Emergencies

  • Broken tooth: A knocked-off or broken tooth is usually broken at the gums. It can be painful as the nerves inside the tooth would be disturbed. It is best to use gauze to control the bleeding and an ice pack to alleviate the pain and swelling, if possible. Get in touch with a dentist within an hour of the incident.
  • Filling breaks off: Sometimes, you might accidentally end up biting on something hard that might break dental filling present on your tooth out of the blue. You don't have to worry, instead get this condition treated as soon as possible; otherwise, it might affect the health of your tooth.
  • Cavities: Cavities are apparent and must be treated at an early stage to avoid tooth extraction. But in certain cases, underlying cavities go unnoticed and would cause serious pain when they advance. In such cases, a pain-relieving medication would be administered, and the decay would be treated.
  • Sports injuries: Sportsmen often face mouth injuries due to a fall or when sports equipment strikes them in the mouth. This could result in cracked teeth, chipping, injury to the gums, or even a broken tooth. The condition could get more complicated in case they have braces on.
  • Failed restorations: Sometimes, a poorly finished restoration, such as a filling, bonding, or a crown, could fail and put the tooth at risk. Seek attention from our highly trained dentists to handle such situations at the earliest.
  • Require Root Canal: When the tooth gets damaged due to deep cavities, our dentist will determine if the root canal can help save the tooth. If not, then we will have to go with tooth extraction.
  • Gum Disease: If you end up losing bone in your jaw due to gum disease or missing teeth, we recommend you get a dental bone graft procedure. With the help of Bone Grafting, the area where the bone is missing can be filled, offering a stable tooth structure. In some cases, this process is also used before the dental implant procedure.
The most important thing to do during a dental emergency is to visit the dentist immediately. The condition of the issue could escalate quicker than you expect, thereby making the damages irreversible.

Post-surgery or in case of dental emergencies or any dental issues, you can text us or give us a call at (209) 820-0789.


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