Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a medical procedure that involves correcting and repairing conditions related to the gums, teeth, jaws, and other internal portions of the mouth.

Who is an oral surgeon?

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a dentist who is trained to perform surgeries of the mouth, handle restorations, and conduct other surgical procedures. An oral surgeon can also diagnose and treat injuries of the tooth and face, repair broken jaws, treat impacted or broken teeth, and conduct teeth removal procedures comfortably. Such surgeons are also trained to treat oral cancer and resolve cosmetic issues of your teeth and facial tissues.

Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery is generally considered when the patient suffers from extreme bite issues. Malocclusions arise when both the upper and lower jaws don't meet together. Correcting this deformity with the help of orthognathic surgery is possible. During this procedure, your teeth get straightened by correctly positioning the upper and lower jawbones. The results of this surgery will be improved facial aesthetics and jawbone functionality.

Bone grafting

Sometimes, poor jawbone health can lead to its deterioration, leading to a weak and unstable base to place dental implants. Such candidates are often not suitable for implants. But with bone grafting, we could change the scenario. Bone grafting helps repair and restore lost bone structures. The bone tissue is either obtained from a bone tissue bank or from the patient's body itself. A wide array of jawbone defects can be repaired just with bone grafts.

Wisdom teeth or Impacted teeth removal

Your wisdom teeth are the third and last set of molars to erupt. In some cases, they may not have grown fully and only partially erupted. Such teeth become entrapped within the gum line and are hence termed as impacted teeth. It is possible to remove them through surgical extractions to avoid chances of pain, swelling, or accumulation of food particles.

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